5 Easiest Recipe for Dinners

In this article, I will be listing 5 recipes for dinners that are extremely easy to make and can be done in under 30 minutes.

Each recipe is simple to follow with a list of ingredients and directions included. These recipes have been tried by myself and my friends so they should work out well for you as well!

1) Fajitas

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Fajitas recipe is one of the simplest recipes for dinner. It only requires a few ingredients which you have probably already got at home! First, heat some oil on a pan, add some chili powder or black pepper for taste at this step. Then, cut up some bell peppers and onions into thin strips and put them in a pan with the oil you had just heated on the stove. Cook them for a few minutes before adding beef or chicken if you want to include those as well! You can also add a taco seasoning packet which will further save time since it is already prepared.

Once everything is done cooking, grab a flour tortilla from the grocery store and give yourself a pat on the back because dinner is ready!

2) Macaroni Grill Tortellini Carbonara recipe

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This recipe is an easy recipe that goes great whenever there are friends coming over so I decided to involve it here as well! The recipe is pretty simple and requires a few ingredients that you should have by now. First, put an oven-safe pan on the stovetop and turn the heat up. Then, add butter and let it melt before adding a little bit of flour to thicken it up. Continue this step until the mixture has become thick but not too thick or else it will burn! Next, add milk slowly while stirring so as to avoid any burning from occurring again! After this step, add salt for a taste as well as some ground black pepper. If you want to give added flavor to the recipe which I recommend if your friends are over for dinner, add garlic powder instead of salt!

Lastly, take the tortellini pasta that you had bought beforehand and add them to the pan. Stir the pasta around for a few minutes and you’re done!

3) Oven Baked Chicken recipe

This recipe is important because it is great to eat during the week or when friends come over, just like recipe #2: Macaroni Grill Tortellini Carbonara recipe.

Start by preheating your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and putting some oil on a pan. Then, put some garlic powder onto the chicken so that it gives added flavor to the dish itself! As long as there is salt and pepper on both sides of each chicken piece, it should be good! Add the chicken legs into the pan before adding any other ingredients. Once this has been done, take about half an hour to bake the chicken.

After it is done cooking, enjoy the recipe with some rice!

4) Spaghetti recipe

This recipe requires a sauce that can be bought from either your grocery store or local fast food restaurant if you really have no time for this recipe in particular. First, cut up some onions before putting them in a pan along with some garlic so as to give added taste when you are eating the spaghetti. Once these ingredients are heated, add ground beef into the pan so that it can cook properly. If preferred, add chopped tomatoes instead of sauce but I recommend using pasta sauce because it tastes much better and saves more time than tomatoes! You should also add salt and pepper for taste once it has been mixed well with the meat as well as any other spices that you prefer.

Once it is all mixed, add the cooked spaghetti into the pan and stir for a few minutes before adding some cheese on top! If you want to, this recipe can be given an extra kick by adding some cayenne pepper or even hot sauce to give it a bit more spice and flavor!

5) Fish recipe

This recipe again only requires a few ingredients but I recommend also buying fish from your local grocery store so as to save time because cooking should not take forever! First, heat up the oil in a pan and put plenty of salt and pepper onto the fish. After doing this, cut up some garlic cloves into small pieces and put them in with the fish- this is optional but advised! Next, cook the fish for roughly 15 minutes or until it is able to be eaten by you and your guests.

Once everything has been done cooking, enjoy with some veggies!

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