A Quick Squash Recipe For A Tasty Vegetable

quick squash recipe

If you want to make a quick squash recipe, you have to understand what you need and where to find it. If you are reading this then you’ve probably already made an attempt at making the classic Italian squash soup. This is a very tasty bowl of soup that has been a staple for generations of the Italian people. The problem with this traditional dish is that it takes hours to prepare, much less cooking, and it has a rather large amount of ingredients. This is just not possible for the cook that doesn’t mind spending hours in the kitchen.

An Overview

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Fortunately, I am not one of those people that needs to spend hours in the kitchen. It just wouldn’t fit into my schedule at this time in my life. However, I still wanted to enjoy a good bowl of soup every now and then and being able to make some quick squash was the answer. In this quick squash recipe I will outline some of the most popular ingredients that you will need. These are simple ingredients that are usually found in any grocery store and are what you will use to make your own quick squash.

First up is the vegetable of choice, which is asparagus. I know asparagus might sound a bit unusual as a squash ingredient, but it offers a great texture and flavor. Asparagus is rich in Vitamin C and has a fresh, sweet flavor that is quite tasty. Another excellent choice is celery. This vegetable is also rich in flavor and offers a bit of a fall aroma to any dish that uses it.

Quick Squash Recipes

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Next is a variety of mushrooms. Most recipes will call for mushrooms, so this is just going to be a place holder. Some options you may want to try are shiitake, porcini, or chanterelle mushrooms. I actually enjoy using all three. All of these vegetables have a mushroom flavor that works wonderfully with the other ingredients in the recipe.

Next up is an array of flavors. You can use your favorite flavors or even experiment with new ones to make your squash unique. Some good options include carrot, apple, garlic, raspberry, and even Cayenne pepper. I often try a combination of carrot and apple to help add color and overall flavor to the dish.

For the last ingredient, which is optional, I will mention lemon juice. Lemon juice really adds a zesty citrus flavor to the dish that is not too overpowering. I find that it really enhances the flavor profile of the asparagus and lends a nice brightness to the dish that helps the asparagus stand out.

If you have the time and patience, then making your own meal is easy. However, if you are not the greatest cook at home, then following the recipe as is pretty much fine. Just make sure that you cut the vegetables appropriately to make them slightly smaller. Also, make sure that you mash the asparagus well so that it has a nice texture. If you do not mince the asparagus, then it will be more apparent in the finished product.

Bottom Line

The quick squash recipe is delicious, easy to make, and very nutritious for any occasion. It makes a great meal when it is served cold as a side dish. Or, you can take it to a potluck or BBQ. I have even used it as a meatless meal for the office and the lunchtime snack. In my opinion, it is a tasty enough vegetable that it should be added to almost every diet. If you want to eat healthy, grab a pair of gloves and get cooking!

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