Breakfast Potatoes Recipes – The Secret to the Perfect Recipe

breakfast potatoes recipe

Many of us cannot have the traditional breakfast of eggs and bacon but luckily there is a quick and easy alternative. A quick look through the frozen aisle at your local grocery store can provide you with many different choices when it comes to breakfast potatoes recipes. But before trying any recipes make sure that you first eliminate the following from your list. All of these are either not healthy or will make your eggs and bacon omelette more unappealing than they already are.

An Overview

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Avoid any potato chips. These are usually chips which have been pre-made and contain preservatives which are bad for you. Instead snack on sunflower seeds which are very healthy and help to promote better health overall. Also consider baking your own crispy breakfast potatoes recipe if you do not have them on hand and prefer cooking vegetables instead.

If you do not like to use seeds then omit them from your breakfast potatoes recipe. For example instead of a traditional omelet replace it with a tofu scramble. Both of these dishes are a big hit at breakfast when you are trying to plan ahead. Tofu scramble can be made in advance and chilled until ready to serve while tofu scramble can be made a few hours ahead and chilled until ready to eat.

Best Recipe

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Also check and see if your favorite restaurant has a delicious breakfast potatoes recipe for brunch. Some restaurants have brunch which includes fried eggs and hash browns. Both of these are a big hit at brunch and both are healthy as well. Even if you do not have access to a sit down restaurant where the breakfast potatoes recipe is offered you can find many easy and healthy variations of the classic.

If you prefer to bake your own potatoes in the oven rather than the frying pan then there is a super-easy version of the classic that you can make. The basic ingredients for this dish include a half mix of potatoes and milk, salt, black pepper, and paprika. You simply cook the mixture on the inside of a glass baking sheet in the oven until it is done. Simply remove from the oven and allow to cool.

Some Add Ons

You can make a variation on the breakfast potatoes recipe by grating cheese over your baked potatoes. Add a little chopped chives and green onions and you have a tasty and healthy alternative to fried cheese. This breakfast is super easy to prepare and the taste is amazing. It is best served hot, but you can also store it in an airtight container. Once you have finished preparing this dish place it in the fridge for up to a week. This allows the cheese to set and create a golden brown crust on top.

A breakfast potatoes recipe that utilizes the sweet, slightly bitter tasting chives and shallots is very similar to the one above except for the addition of a pinch of Cayenne pepper. This pepper helps to bring out the natural sweetness of the chives and shallots and enhances their flavor. Cayenne pepper is an excellent choice for adding heat to foods especially if it is cold outside. This popular ingredient adds a depth of flavor not found in the other ingredients of the mix. Cayenne pepper is also used in the classic Italian omelet.


If you are trying to decide what to add to your next brunch then why not try the popular tofu scramble? This vegan version of the old standby makes breakfast potatoes recipes more exciting than they have ever been. Not only does tofu scramble help to make breakfast potatoes more interesting but it is also good for your health. Try this healthy recipe at least once for a healthier and fun morning.

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