Easy Dinner Recipes

Easy dinner ideas
Easy Dinner Ideas: Recipes
Easy Dinner Ideas: Recipes

People who work for their living and have regular nine to five office doesn’t like to spend hours in their kitchen. It is not only time consuming but hectic as well. For busy nights, and late official hours, a quick and easy dinner can be a savior. There are many easy dinner recipes for you to cook at home.

Healthy And Easy Dinner Recipes

Easy Dinner Ideas: Recipes
Easy Dinner Ideas: Recipes

One-Pot Beef With Broccoli

The one-pot beef with broccoli is not only easy to prepare but also really quick. It takes only fifteen minutes to make the dish and is not only faster but cheap and healthy as well. The dish is one of the best easy dinner ideas to cook after a long work schedule.

Ingredients Required To Prepare The Dish

A two-third cup of sodium sauce (reduce the sodium content)

Half cup of chicken stock

One-fourth cup of honey

Two tablespoons of rice wine vinegar

Two tablespoons of brown sugar

Three cloves of minced garlic

One tablespoon of sesame oil

One tablespoon of cornstarch

One teaspoon of siracha

One teaspoon of ginger(grounded)

One tablespoon of olive oil

One-fourth teaspoon of red pepper flakes

One pound steak (you need to slice)

One broccoli (cut in florets)

Step By Step Method To Prepare The Dish

Firstly,  take a medium-size bowl and toss it with chicken stock,  soy sauce, honey, vinegar, garlic, brown sugar, cornstarch, sesame oil, ginger, sriracha sauce,  red pepper flakes with one-fourth cup of water. Mix it well and keep it aside. 

Next, take a large skillet and heat oil over medium heat. Place the steak in oil and cook it for three to four minutes until each side turns brown. Then, add the broccoli and mixture of soy sauce. Cook for three to four minutes until it becomes thick and tender. You can serve food.

Black Beans Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Black beans stuffed sweet potato is not only quick but also gluten-free and easy to make.

Ingredients Required To Make The Dish

Four large sweet potatoes

Half cup of cashew cream sauce

One teaspoon of lime juice

Half teaspoon of black pepper powder

Half medium sized onion diced

One and a half tablespoon of olive oil

One-fourth teaspoon of garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, and red chili powder

Half teaspoon of sea salt

Black beans as per the measurement (drain and rinse the beans)

Half of a chopped avocado

Cilantro chopped

Step By Step Method To Prepare The Dish

Firstly, preheat the oven at three hundred and fifty degrees. Next, take a greased baking tray and bake the sweet potatoes for an hour or more, until it becomes tender from the inside.

The next job is to prepare the cream. Whisk the cashew cream sauce, black pepper, and lime juice and set it aside.

Once the sweet potatoes are baked, take a skillet and heat oil on medium heat. Then add the chopped onions. Cook for a few minutes until it turns opaque. Next, add the spices cook for three minutes.

Next, add the black beans to the onions and combine them. Stir them thoroughly until the beans cook. Cook them for five minutes and keep it aside.

As soon as the sweet potato is baked, cool it. After that, open the sweet potato and peel the cover. Scoop the inside of the potato and add the black beans mixture. Add the cashew cream sauce, cilantro, and avocado as toppings. You can serve the easy dinner recipes immediately.

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