Easy Vegan Recipes To Melt Your Heart Away

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Do you want some help cooking dinner tonight?

We have a few vegan recipes to bring a smile to your husband’s face and wipe off that grimace from the faces of your kids. These are fuss-free recipes which means you are not compromising on your health either. If your husband and kids are giving their helping hand with household chores then maybe they deserve something unusual and novel on the table spread.

All these concoctions are easy to make so that cooking does not feel like a punishment. Let us scan through some dishes which the kids will call, yummy in my tummy.

Easy Vegan Recipes To Melt Your Heart Away
Easy Vegan Recipes To Melt Your Heart Away

Easy Vegan Recipes And Soup 

We are starting with a nice soup. This is one of the easy vegan recipes which will keep your gut healthy. The dilemma is that you cannot go to your favourite delicatessen and order a sumptuous meal nor can you order restaurant food online during this corona. More so, your kids and husband are complaining that you are giving them lentils and bread everyday and you are clueless what to do. Therefore, we will give you ideas for a healthy yet mouth-watering meal. The first course of this meal is a light soup. This soup takes away all your sluggishness.

This is one of the vegan recipes which is low calorie and a perfect example of comfort food. So, this is our cream of mushroom soup recipe. Take some butter in a pan, melt the same, and add a bay leaf for a unique taste. Let it cook for a minute. Add onions to taste, and garlic to add flavour. Mix and let the onions cook. Add some mushrooms, a lot of those so that the soup is not just stalk. Keep sautéing. Let the water dry. Add some flour or wheat.

Keep cooking until you get a perfect aroma. Add black pepper to taste. Mix and add a cup of mushroom or vegetable stalk. Add one cup of milk. Mix and add salt the way you like. Let it froth and form bubbles. Let it thicken. Stir as it thickens. Add low-fat cream. Stir and whip the cream. Add herbs such as coriander. Simmer more. Eat with toasted bread.

Vegan Recipes And Salad 

Next recipe is a quick fix. If you are so busy that you are getting dizzy and if you are really hungry but do not have the energy to cook then what can you do? We have an idea. You can make one of the quick easy vegan recipes which is fruit salad. It is fuss-free and yummy plus energizing. It is citrus and tangy, just perfect for an evening snack. 

The first step towards this successful meal is cutting up a cucumber and red bell pepper. Further, take strawberries fresh from the gardens, and slice it up, also halve the grapes, take some basil for the perfect fragrance, and so that the salad looks perfectly green.

Easy Vegan Recipes To Melt Your Heart Away
Easy Vegan Recipes To Melt Your Heart Away

It is raw and delicious but a little bland still. So, take a lemon, slice it, and take some lime juice, mix the lemon juice with some healthy olive oil, take the best in the market olive oil even if it a bit expensive. Add some salt to taste. Add everything together. Voila! Your salad is ready, you can add some mayonnaise or molten cheese as dressing. Your healthy meal of a choice of vegan recipes is ready to satiate your evening hunger pangs.

Thinking Of Grand Mother 

Not just healthy and for sudden hunger bouts, these easy vegan recipes will stay edible for more than a day, you can store it in the fridge and these are as good as something that grandma would have cooked. These are the seasonal specials.

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