How To Choose a Korean BBQ Near You

Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ is really popular nowadays. Korean BBQ place is everywhere around us. Even if your city is a bit far away from Korea, Korean food still can be found just like Kpop and Kdrama!

Nowadays Korean BBQ is not just Korean, it also includes Indonesian-style Korean BBQ. Korean food is the one that keeps adding new influence to become Korean dishes. So you can try Indonesian Korean BBQ if Korean is too much for you!

Korean dish will never fail to impress you because it has so many ways of cooking. The Korean way of serving and cooking delicious food is world-famous. For example, you can try Bibimbap or Kimchi! Those two dishes literally melt in your mouth.

But there is one problem with the Korean dishes… It can be very expensive for most people living in the city. So instead of dining in a restaurant at an expensive price, why don’t you make it yourself? Well, actually it’s not hard at all! With this simple list, you’ll be able to choose where to go and what to do when choosing a place for BBQ! Yay!

1. BBQ Grill Type

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Your first priority when choosing a place for Korean BBQ is whether you want to have a charcoal grill or gas. If you think about the price, it might be better for you if you go with a coal one because coal will always be cheaper than gas! But don’t worry! Korean BBQ place staffs usually give you a small discount if you choose a coal grill kind of place.

2. Price

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Price is another factor that should not escape from your eyes if you are on a tight budget. You probably already know that Korean dish is very expensive, especially in big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya, and Bandung for example. So try to find a Korean restaurant with an affordable menu but delicious food! There’s also a Korean food stall in some marketplaces but I’m going to point you to a restaurant like that.

3. Location

You might not be aware but there’s also Korean BBQ in malls! They usually offer two types, one is indoor and the other one is outdoors. If you know someone who lives in Kota Kasablanka (or Mall of Indonesia), they can take you to do Korean BBQ in Mall of Indonesia because it has a very good location and atmosphere too! There’s also many kinds of Korean food available for example; cold noodle and a hot stone bowl topped with beef… Yummy! Also, you can find a Korean restaurant near Thamrin City or Plaza Semanggi if you live around that area. Just type ‘Korean Food’ on the google maps app and choose a Korean restaurant from the list. You’ll find a lot of Korean restaurants nearby but if you want to have a good experience, go with those that offer ‘live grill’!

4. Restaurant Type

Restaurant type is something that should be taken into consideration as well. There are 2 kinds of Korean BBQ restaurants; one is the normal table and chair kind, the other one is a family or group seating kind. If you go with family or friends to a Korean restaurant, it would be better for you to look for them first before going in because they usually don’t have a table available next to each other unless you make a reservation first.

5. Bonuses

Please remember not all Korean BBQ places offer free side dishes! Some offer various side dishes like Kimchi, Potato salad, and Kimbap (if you’re lucky). If you choose to go with the table and chair kind of restaurant, you need to add side dishes to your menu list. It’s usually around 3 or 4 different kinds of side dishes and comes in small portions, so make sure you share it with your group!

6. About The Restaurant

If you see any Korean BBQ near me article, please find out more information about the place before deciding to go there. I know it’s hard to choose without actually trying out the food but if you already have information, you’ll be able to make an educated decision. There’s also a Korean BBQ in Indonesia so check the date of establishment and try to find the best one!

7. Extra Services

Some Korean BBQ places offer extra services like; Korean song and dance performance, Korean Fashion Show, and headphones for you to enjoy the music with your own earphone. It’s always good to know whether a Korean restaurant near you offers those kinds of services or not.

There, I hope that helps! And remember, don’t forget to share this article!

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