How to Cook a Quick Pork Belly Recipe Using a Pot or Pan

quick pork belly recipe

How can you make a quick pork belly recipe so it cooks all the way through without burning? How can you get the tenderloin cooked with just enough cooking time to keep it moist but not raw enough to fall apart when you bite into it? How do you avoid falling down with your fork in one of those deep slits on the loin?

Variation Of The Quick Pork Belly Recipe

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Because every Pork Belly recipe is different, we will not focus on the most popular recipes here. Instead, we will focus on one of the more traditional recipes that can be used in any variation of the Quick Pork Belly Recipe. If you do the right things, you can still have a perfectly cooked pork belly roast that you and your guests will love!

In the classic quick pork belly recipe, you would start by taking the pork loin and putting it in a large pot with several medium sized chunks of vegetables (sweet potatoes and carrots work great here), a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, and a half cup of water. After simmering, take the pot away from the heat, uncover it and cut the buns into thin strips (the longer the better).

Use Some Thin Sliced And Caramelized Onions

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Now, to add your own special touch to this traditional pork recipe you could use some thin sliced, caramelized onions and place them in the pot along with your remaining ingredients. Stir to mix and cover for about another minute before removing them. Put the onions and caramel into your pot along with the remaining ingredients.

You’ll want to add your ingredients and mix them together. If you wish, you could also add your parsley or fresh thyme to the pot in addition to your braised pork belly. This quick recipe will taste amazing if you put in the right amount of ingredients and remember to keep it warm while you are cooking it.

Adding Apple Cider Vinegar To The Mix And Baking The Mixture

Other crispy pork belly recipes include adding apple cider vinegar to the mix and baking the mixture. The apple cider vinegar will help to give this a sweet and tangy taste, but you do not have to use this. Instead, many people like to add some saffron to their quick recipes. You could also add herbs, spices, or vinegar for an additional flavorful twist on these recipes.

Most people like to use a skillet to cook their vegetables because it is easier than using a wok or a frying pan. However, if you do not own a very good non-stick skillet, you could still cook this with a skillet. Just make sure that your skillet is really well oiled so that your ingredients do not stick to the sides of the skillet. If you happen to get stuck, just turn the stove off, put the pot on a low heat, and wait until your ingredients are completely done. If the skillet does not have very good oil content, you can always start over with a new skillet and a slightly lower temperature.

Final Thoughts

Finally, many people enjoy cooking their recipes in an electric air fryer. This is a small, inexpensive appliance that can easily take up less room than a large pot or even your cast iron pan. Using an electric air fryer allows you to cook a variety of different recipes including pork belly recipes. You do not even have to purchase the air fryer in order to enjoy this valuable appliance.

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