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How To Cook The Slow Cooker Beef Curry?

Slow Cooker Beef Curry has several advantages. As much as seventy percent of the households indeed use the slow cookers. But there are very few people who are aware of the Crockpot cooking. It saves money and time. Everyone understands the importance of slow cooking.

1. Benefits Of Slow Cooker Beef Curry

This slow cooker beef curry helps you to save a lot of your time

It also helps to enhance the flavor and softens the meat to a great extent. You can get tender and juicy beef with slow cooking.

Slow cooking is also appropriate for novice cooks. When you use low temperatures in a slow cooker, the chances of burning is much less. This type of cuisine is, therefore, ideal for novice cookers. You are also able to put all your ingredients together in the pressure cooker. There is much lesser use of utensils.

When you are using a slow cooker, you do not have to use an oven or a stove. This is especially true when you are cooking a substantial meal.

It is also quite easy to cook in a slow cooker.

Slow cooker beef curry meal
Beef Meal

2. How To Cook Slow Cooker Beef Curry

You will first have to heat half of the amount of the oil you will require in a frying pan. Fry the small pieces of beef in it. You will have to do this for about 4 – 5 minutes. You will continue doing this till it is golden brown. If you want, you can also fry the meat in batches. Then you will have to put this browned meat in a pressure cooker.

Heat the rest of the oil in a frying pan. You will have to continue frying the onions for about 5 minutes. You will have to add some garlic, chili, ginger, then and cook all of them together for about 2 – 3 minutes. Add the spices and prepare them for some more time. Then put the entire mixture in a pressure cooker. You will then have to chop some tomatoes and add them to the slow cooker. After this, you will have to add some water to it.

Then you will have to keep stirring it for about 10 minutes on low heat.

You will have to add the garam masala just 30 minutes before you serve this recipe.

There are several ways of cooking beef curry. But if you cook this in the slow cooker, then you will surely love it. Beef is a tough meat and takes time to soften down. If you put them in the pressure cooker, it will not at all take much time. Not only beef but you can also prepare other meat preparations in a slow cooker. This way, you will be able to cook tasty food with minimum gas.

Beef Curry, slow cooker beef curry
How To Cook The Slow Cooker Beef Curry?
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