How to Make Chinese Dumplings – Recipe


When it comes to dumplings, everyone thinks of Chinese dumplings like potstickers or dumpling soup. Dumplings are delicious on their own but there are many kinds of dumplings that use regular biscuit dough wrapped around meat or vegetables. Making dumplings is a fun, easy way to get kids involved in cooking.


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Dumpling wrappers

Dumpling meat mixture

Dumpling dipping sauce


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Put the dumpling wrappers on a clean surface and have them ready for filling. You can make your own dumplings from scratch but store-bought dumpling wrappers work just as well. They aren’t always available at grocery stores so look for them at a local Asian market. Dumpling dough is usually square or circular shaped and made out of wheat flour, water and salt so they are vegan friendly too! If you want to go vegan with this recipe then leave the meat out of the dumplings or replace it with tofu.

Prepare the dumpling meat mixture by mixing all of the dumpling ingredients in a bowl until evenly distributed. This dumpling recipe is for pork dumplings but you can make dumplings with any kind of meat or vegetarian dumplings too! Another popular dumpling filling is shrimp mixed with water chestnuts, carrots, and chives. You can also purchase a dumpling frozen mix with vegetables if that’s more your style.

Add about 2 tbsps of the dumpling meat mixture to the center of each dumpling wrapper. Make sure not to add too much filling or else it will ooze out when cooked. The best way to seal the dumplings is by wetting the dumpling wrapper with water on the edges then squeezing it together to form a dumpling that resembles a dumpling.

Wet your dumplings before you cook them because dumplings dry out quickly and become hard unless they are boiled or fried first. Boiling dumplings is easy but frying dumplings give them a crispy texture so either way, your dumplings will turn out great!

Cook the dumplings by boiling them in water until they float to the top of the pot. This usually takes about four minutes but you should check the dumplings for doneness if you didn’t use frozen dumplings because sometimes these things don’t always need to be cooked all of the ways through before serving.

The dumpling dipping sauce can be made simply by putting soy sauce, vinegar, sugar, and dumpling juice in a bowl then stirring it until everything dissolves. If you want to make dumplings ahead of time for parties or for leftovers then store dumplings in the refrigerator wrapped tightly with plastic wrap so they don’t dry out. Dumplings are best served hot or at room temperature because you can lose their crisp texture if dumplings are cold when served.


Dumplings are a delicious and fun dish to make at home. This recipe is for pork dumplings but you can use any kind of meat or even go vegetarian. Dumpling wrappers can be found at most Asian markets and they are fairly easy to work with. Just add a spoonful of dumpling filling to the center of each wrapper, wet the edges, and pinch them together to form a dumpling. You can either boil or fry your dumplings before serving. The dumpling dipping sauce is simple to make and takes just minutes. Once you have made dumplings once, you will never order them from take-out again!

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