Instant Pot Dinner Recipe Of Chickpea And Black Bean Casserole

Instant Pot Dinner Recipe

You can get great fresh meals and also be in the kitchen within ten minutes of your call to your Instant Pot. The following Instant Pot Dinner Recipes is some of the best I have tried.

The first instant pot taco I tried was the Instant Pot Taco Tuesday night recipe and for me it was a total home run. It was super easy even without recipe ADD and I got some really delicious results. I have never seen a recipe that I found online that gives me so much time in the kitchen. I have been using this machine for two weeks now and am already having fun!

I have also been enjoying the instant pot tacos I make with my friends. I usually don’t care what the meat is-liver, turkey, beef or chicken, they all taste good! These are also great when used on Christmas day.

Making Tacos 

A person cooking pizza

I like to make tacos with a few choices of the fillings; chorizo, cheese, ham or pork or my personal favorite: A whole grain tortilla filled with chicken breast and cheese. I usually like the chicken breast because it is healthier than lean ground beef.

The recipes I have tried with my family for these delicious shrimp tacos turned out perfect. I love using fresh shrimp and I love the different seasonings I can add to the shrimp.

I love making the Instant Pot breakfast burritos. They can come in so many flavors, some of which I have never even heard of before. They make an awesome breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Instant Pot Breakfast Casseroles

A pan of food on a stove

I have even made these very tasty Instant Pot Breakfast Casseroles that are made in just minutes. If you are looking for something quick, easy and healthy to put in the oven to warm up the kids in the morning this is it!

The Instant Pot has changed my entire family’s lives. And I have been trying new recipes to get more time to spend with them!

I have also been getting some great results with my Instant Pot breakfast recipes. I find that when I make the traditional breakfast eggs, I use a different kind of flour. I am now using chickpea flour and it is the best I have ever had with eggs.

I love the fact that I can start the morning off with the delicious taste of eggs and it is so fast that I never feel hungry again. I have made this delicious omelet recipe in the Instant Pot every day since I received my new machine. I am hooked on it and I use it every single day!

Another wonderful Instant Pot meal is the Instant Pot casserole recipe. I used to make a lot of these when I was a kid, but now I have a bit more time for myself and more time to enjoy my life and have the things I love.

Try Great Recipes 

There are a few other great recipes I have tried for the Instant Pot casserole recipe. One of them is called cheddar corn casserole and it uses cheddar cheese as the main ingredient.

I have never made this casserole recipe before but I am sure I will when I get started. I have tried the black bean recipe as well as the fajita casserole recipe. Both are really delicious and you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

I was surprised to see how quickly this casserole recipe cooked when I was cooking some ribs for dinner. I was in and out of the oven before the ribs were done. The Instant Pot helped me finish in a little less than an hour.

Final Verdict 

This is a great new way to try some new recipes! and I am so impressed with how easy they are to prepare and how quick they are to prepare.

Try out one of these recipes and let me know what you think! I am sure you will be impressed.

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