Quick Banana Pudding Recipe is Super Easy to Make

quick banana pudding recipe

A quick banana pudding recipe is one of the most commonly known American quick desserts. One of the reasons for this is the versatility of bananas. You can use them in a huge variety of ways in this recipe and it doesn’t even require any cooking. In fact, all you need is a bowl, a measuring cup, and a food processor – and you have made the ultimate dessert. If you like creamy pudding, this recipe is definitely a keeper.

I was able to find a quick banana pudding recipe that uses a traditional vanilla pudding mix along with a small dash of evaporated cane juice, as well as a small amount of milk and some dark chocolate chips. For me, it tastes better if the milk has been stirred beforehand. It’s better if you stir it into the ingredients before cooking. There are some recipes that call for milk but it really isn’t necessary. I usually try to use light or skim milk.

Quick Banana Pudding Recipe

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This quick banana pudding recipe starts off with a banana that has been smashed flat. There should be about one inch of unbroken skin left on the banana. This will provide the texture to make the pudding. Once the banana is crushed, you just need to add the rest of the ingredients to your food processor.

Now, there are some items you will definitely need. You will need the instant pudding mix, a waffle maker, non-stick spray, and non-stick cooking spray. You also need to have some nice large bowls or trays for mixing all of your ingredients. A good idea is to put together a serving of your favorite ice cream, along with about three to four cans of evaporated milk. You will also need to have some whipped cream available.

Start making your pudding by putting your mixture into the waffle maker. There is a wire mesh cage to set the waffle in. In the next step, you will take the wafer off of the banana and cut it down into little cubes. You can put the chunks of bananas on top of your non-stick piece of yogurt. Then, you will spoon some of the yogurts over the top of the chunks.

A Much Ado

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Next, you will spoon some of the milk over the top of your banana slices. You may have to do this over again until your bananas are turning brown. If not, then just continue to apply more of the yogurt to the bananas until they are turning brown. Once your bananas are turning brown, then it’s time to dip your hands into the non-stick spray and coat them with the cooking spray. Place the browned banana slices onto your prepared waffle tray.

Making a quick banana pudding recipe using the stovetop requires you to heat the waffle machine to around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Once your waffle machine is heated, use the paddle attachment to flatten the bananas. Then, place the bananas in one layer and cover each slice with the flat side of the oblong. Then, use the second pole attachment to continue to cook the other slices of bananas. Once all of the bananas are cooked, it is time to finish your quick dessert.

Final Words

To make this super easy dessert, you will need a mixing bowl, a scoop of chilled fruit, and about a cup of milk. The first thing that you will want to do is to mix the fruit with about two cups of skim milk until it begins to break down into small pieces. Once you have finished this process, you can then add your yogurt and begin to heat up your stovetop. Allow your mixture to boil for about two minutes. When it has cooled down, you can now remove the banana cream from its container and pour it into your lined bowl, creating a perfectly smooth super easy dessert.

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