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Quick Guacamole Recipe – Prepare Your Dish In Less Time

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The guacamole recipe is a delicious creamy dip or sauce made with well-ripe avocados and a mixture of other fresh ingredients. It is a versatile dish originated from Mexico to be served as a topping or dip with tacos chips, wafers, salad, and tortillas. Avocado is the main ingredient of the guacamole recipe, which individually serves several rich nutrient benefits.

Quick Guacamole Recipe 

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There are several types of guacamole recipes spread across the world and it is the perfect appetizer recipe to include in your meal, here are three methods of making a quick guacamole recipe at home. The basic equipment needed are mixing bowl, stone grinder(Molcajete) or mixture grinder, knife, fork or whisk, cutting board, and the fresh ingredient are needed like a perfectly ripe avocado, chopped onions, finely diced tomato, chopped cilantro, diced paprika or jalapeno, lime juice, and salt to make a pure guacamole recipe.

Method one – Preparing a quick guacamole recipe using Molcajete to mix up the ingredients to bring the authentic flavor of the guacamole dish. In this method, the ingredients are grind in steps to form a uniform paste. First, take a molcajete or a volcano stone grinder, put one chopped onion, cilantro, jalapeno, and salt, grind it well for three minutes to convert into a paste, then add the three peeled avocados and start grinding until it broken into pulp chunky. Then add one diced tomato, squeeze half fresh lime, and mix them well before serving. Remember not to make a paste of the avocados.

More Methods To Make Quick Guacamole Recipe 

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Method two- Take a mixing bowl, put the peeled avocados, then mash the avocados with a whisk or the back of a fork into slightly chunky. Add the finely chopped ingredients like onion, paprika, cilantro, tomatoes and mix it with salt and one tablespoon lime juice. You can add olive and chickpeas to the guacamole recipe.

Method three- Put three peeled avocados into a mixture grinder, grind it for a few seconds, and make a chunky paste of it, do not make a smoothie. Put the avocado chunky paste into a mixing bowl and add one tablespoon of fresh lime juice, one minced garlic clove, freshly chopped onion, tomatoes, and peppers. Stir it all with adding salt and roughly chopped cilantro.

Benefits Of Guacamole Recipe 

The process of making a delicious guacamole recipe is easy and quick. You can add this dish to your daily meal to have countless health benefits like weight loss, clear skin, healthy hair tissue, immunity helps in the good digestion system, maintains blood sugar, control cholesterol, and many more benefits to our body.


The quick guacamole recipe is the perfect fresh, delectable dish with loads of nutritional benefits. It can be eaten any time in a day as a snack. You can eat it in your breakfast as a spread, in a sandwich or a burger. It is also good for the children’s appetite. We hope you can get the best of this recipe by following the right content you would need to prepare this dish.

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