Romantic And Heavenly Valentine Breakfast Recipes To Make Your Day Sweeter

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Nothing calls for a sweeter than sugar breakfast more than Valentine’s day. Valentine Breakfast Recipes are trending. Every lover tries to impress their better half by trying their hands on Valentine Breakfast Recipes. In many parts of the world, this loving day is celebrated not just by lovers but by families also. After All, there is no harm in showing your love to your families on lover’s day. Valentine Breakfast Recipes are special. The main ingredient added to them is love. Love makes it more beautiful and appealing. People try creative things to make their partners happy. It is a way of showing your love. Valentine’s day is a day pre-planned by people, filled with beautiful gifts and lovable memories, but the day should have a kickstart. And there is no better way than using special Valentine Breakfast Recipes to start your day. Whether you are celebrating it with your lover, friends, or family, these Valentine Breakfast Recipes are going to be beautiful and appropriate. It will make them feel desired and admired. Well, as we all know, nothing can say I love you louder than breakfast in bed. From heart-shaped pancakes to heart-shaped pretzels, the list of Valentine Breakfast Recipes is enormous. 

Valentine Breakfast Recipes To Add More Love To Your Breakfast

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Some of the most loved Valentine Breakfast Recipes are:

Savoury Chive Bacon Waffle

The name is sufficient to make us drool over it. The recipe is simple and easy to make. The ingredients are- 1 pack of waffle batter, ranch dressing, five slices of crumbled cooked bacon. 

The directions to make are- as per the instructions of the waffle batter package, mix all the ingredients. Replace half of the added liquid with ranch dressing. Fold the bacon in the waffle. Cook the waffle in a waffle maker and serve it hot with extra ranch dressing and bacon crumbled over it. 

Special Mimosa For Valentine Day

This is one of the most special Valentine Breakfast Recipes as it is different and hella delicious!! 

The ingredients required are- 1 bottle of champagne, freezing grenadine, strawberries carved in heart shape. 

The directions to make are- use a paring knife and carve your strawberries into the heart shape. Take a skewer and pierce 2-3 onto it. In flutes of champagne, fill every glass with champagne. Fill only two-thirds of the glass. Pour in a tablespoon of grenadine on it. Decorate it with skewers of strawberry.

Love Toast

This is one of the Valentine Breakfast Recipes that screams I love you.

The ingredients required are- 2 slices of white bread, four teaspoons of mayonnaise, two large eggs, pepper, salt, one tablespoon butter, finely chopped herbs, and capers.

The directions are- spread mayonnaise evenly on both sides of slices of bread. Take a medium heart-shaped cookie cutter and cut the bread from the middle. Add the bread to the skillet. Melt the butter and cook the bread until it becomes golden-brown. Flip the sides. Add the eggs to the heart-shaped hole. Sprinkle pepper and salt. Let it cook for 5-7 minutes, till the egg settles. Sprinkle it with your desired herbs and capers.


To conclude, Valentine Breakfast Recipes are easy to cook and more than enough to make your loved ones feel special.

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