Simple And Easy Dinner Rolls Recipe For Beginners

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There are several people who can’t resist warm dinner rolls at all. Whether you serve them with meatballs or eat them with a curry dish, dinner rolls are truly versatile. Well, you don’t have to buy your dinner rolls from the bakery every time as you can make them very easily. Beginners can prepare the rolls with the help of this simple and easy dinner rolls recipe.

Dinner Rolls (With Yeast)

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If you would love adding yeast to your dinner rolls, this recipe is for you. Lightly fluffy and soft, these dinner rolls can be served with stir-fries and meatballs.


1/2 Tsp. salt

2 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour

3 Tbsp. sugar

1/2 cup dairy milk

2 Tsp. instant yeast

1/4 cup water

2 Tbsp. butter


Mix yeast with 3/4 cup of flour, salt, and sugar. Heat the butter along with water and milk and then pour it over the flour mixture. Using an electric mixer, beat the flour and then add the remaining flour to create a dough. Knead this bread dough for about 9-10 minutes and make sure to cover it for 6-7 minutes. Form equal-sized balls with this dough and place them on a greased pan. Allow the balls to rest covered for half an hour before baking for 22 minutes at 375 degrees.

Dinner Rolls (Without Yeast)

This dinner rolls recipe doesn’t use yeast. However, the rolls will come out equally soft and fluffy like rolls that are made with yeast.


1/2 cup plain milk + extra 4 Tbsp.

1/2 Tsp. salt

3 Tbsp., butter

2 cup flour

1/2 Tbsp. sugar

2 Tsp. baking powder


Take all the dinner roll ingredients except for flour and mix well. Now add the flour and blend to prepare the bread dough. Make balls with the dough and arrange them on a lined baking sheet. Feel free to brush the rolls with some egg wash or butter. Bake the dinner rolls in your oven preheated to about 320 degrees. In the end, rolls should be golden brown from the top.

Tips For The Perfect Dinner Rolls Recipe

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Follow these tips to make the perfect dinner rolls:

  • Butter should be added to make the dinner rolls soft and flavorful. You can also use canola oil or any other vegetable oil in place of butter. 
  • Take milk of any kind to make the rolls. If you are a vegan, feel free to use almond milk. Other milk varieties like soy milk also do work well with these recipes.
  • Make sweet dinner rolls by using more sugar. You can add plain sugar, coconut sugar, or caster sugar as per your taste.
  • For a yellow finish, brush the dinner rolls with a bit of egg wash. 
  • Make sure to add flour little by little and not at once. This is because you need to use only the amount that will help you get soft dough. 
  • If you like sour taste, replace some amount of milk with yogurt. This will give your rolls a bit sour taste and also make them a lot tender.
  • Use instant yeast or something like rapid rise yeast for the perfect rolls.
  • Add flavor to the dinner rolls by putting some yellow cornmeal to the batter. You can also add some cinnamon along with ginger powder to the yeast mixture. Don’t feel shy to experiment with other flavored ingredients like dried dill, sesame seed mixture, onion powder, etc. You can also make pumpkin dinner rolls by adding some canned pumpkin in the batter.

Make dinner rolls for dinner today with the help of these recipes. No matter which recipe you opt for, your rolls are sure to come amazingly delicious!

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