Simple Recipes For That Home-Cooked Meal -

Simple Recipes For That Home-Cooked Meal

Simple Recipes: Preparation At Home

 Simple Recipes always win while it is budget-friendly. Using fewer ingredients means that you will cut short your grocery bill. However, low budget foods did not expect to take canned beans and noodles every night. To make the dinner healthy and tasty, here are some of the simple recipes.

Simple Recipes: Preparation At Home
Simple Recipes: Preparation At Home

Simple Recipes: Bowties And Broccoli

Simple Recipes: Preparation At Home
Simple Recipes: Preparation At Home


Twelve ounces pasta

One pound broccoli florets (frozen)

Three Tablespoon butter

Three tablespoon parmesan (grated)

Salt (to taste)

Black pepper (freshly cracked)

Pinch of red pepper (crushed)

How To Cook The Recipe

Add pasta to a pot of boiling water for seven to ten minutes, until ut is al dente. Turn off the heat and add frozen broccoli florets for two to three minutes. When the broccoli is tender-crisp, drain the water.

Take a bowl and put the pasta and broccoli in it. Mix the butter with pasta and broccoli until it melts and coats the whole mixture. Toss the mixture after adding salt, parmesan, black pepper, and red pepper flakes. Adjust the seasoning after tasting the mixture.

Now, you are ready to serve the delicious Bowties and Broccoli.

Simple Recipes: One Pan Healthy Sauces And Veggies


Two cups Red sweet potatoes

Three-fourth pounds green Beans

One and a half cup broccoli

One and a half cup bell pepper (chopped)

Nine pounds Turkey or Chicken sausages

Six tablespoon olive oil

One-fourth teaspoon red pepper (flakes)

One teaspoon paprika

Half teaspoon garlic powder

One tablespoon dried oregano

One tablespoon parsley (dried)

Half teaspoon pepper

Half teaspoon salt

Serve with rice, fresh parsley, and freshly grated parmesan cheese

How To Make It?

Take a large sheet pan (15×21 inch) and preheat the oven at 400-degree arsenite.

Trim the beans and halve, chop the broccoli, chop the sweet red potatoes in small pieces, chop the Bell peppers in squares and coin the sausage in slices.

Put all the veggies and sausages on the sheet pan adding olive and spices on top. Toss the meat and vegetables until it entirely coated. Stir all the veggies and bake for fifteen minutes, until the veggies turn crisp and the sausages are brown.

Taking the pan out of the oven sprinkle grated parmesan cream over the veggies and sausages.

Enjoy the delightful dish with rice and fresh parsley.

Simple Recipes: One-Pot Chickpea Shakshuka


One tablespoon Olive oil

Half cup white onion (diced)

Half of the red bell pepper (chopped)

One and a half tablespoon minced garlic

128 ounces diced tomatoes with salt

Three tablespoon tomato paste

One tablespoon coconut sugar

Two tablespoons smoked paprika

One teaspoon cumin (grounded)

Two teaspoon chili powder

One-fourth teaspoon cinnamon (grounded)

One pinch cayenne pepper

One pinch cardamom and coriander

Fifteen ounces cooked chickpeas (rinsed and drained)

Five pieces of whole green olives (pitted and halved)

Salt as required

For serving

Lemon wedges


Freshly chopped parsley or cilantro


Brown rice pasta

How To Make It?

Firstly, take a large span and over medium heat add olive oil, bell pepper, and other ingredients.  Stir frequently for five-minute baking until it turns soft and fragrant.

Add the mentioned ingredients in the pan. Cook it for a few minutes and add the sauce and blend until smooth.

Bake for twenty minutes after you add olives and chickpeas. Finally, the dish is ready.

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