The Secret To Creating Your Own Lunch Lady Brownies Recipe

lunch lady brownies recipe

A Lunch Lady is a name that strikes to mind when one thinks of Southern California. She’s a local fixture in the area, so much so that she has her own hour long television program called Lunch Lady Live. She has also been featured in numerous cookbooks and at least one book on how to cook the perfect meal. A Lunch Lady Brownie Recipe calls to mind those same qualities as well as being the first recipe I managed to try that included both milk and butter. This dessert does not have ice cream, but just the milk and butter in it as well as some whipped cream. With many different choices for ingredients it can be a lot of fun trying out new ones.

The two ingredients are easy to come by. You can go to any grocery store or order them online and get either one of them relatively inexpensively. A recipe for elementary school lunch ladies included just milk and no additional cream and was delicious, but we all know what goes into that. When using the brownie recipe with frozen strawberries and yogurt, substitute the yogurt for a nondairy yogurt.

An Overview

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You might not think of brownies when considering desserts, but these healthy little desserts can actually have a lot of protein and are low in fats too. Using a brownie recipe for lunch lady brownies will keep you filled until lunch time and they are a great way to limit calories too. Any dessert is better than having a bag of chips or candy to munch on after lunch. Making a healthy chocolatey snack is a great way to enjoy those tasty brownies you’ve been eating.

A lot of the lunch lady brownies recipe for elementary school lunch ladies requires basic food pantry ingredients. Low fat milk, sugar, eggs, and nonfat yogurt are all part of this recipe. Using skim milk can reduce the fat content, but not eliminate it. Also, you need to have some fresh and raw fruit in your kitchen too. Apples are a great choice, orange and red apples are great, bananas are okay, grapes and cherries round out the recipe.

Another component of the lunch lady brownies recipe requires baking soda. Baking soda naturally neutralizes odors and aids in the cooking process. You can either buy baking soda or use it in the recipe already, or you can add it to the milk, sugar, and yogurt ingredients. Adding it after the process is done will give the dessert a more browned appearance.

Lady Brownies Recipe for Lunch

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The last component of the lunch lady brownies recipe consists of a simple ingredients list, which includes but is not limited to; a banana, a cup of skim milk, one cup of cream cheese, three cups of sugar, and three eggs. If you do not have all of these items or do not have a package of instant egg beaters, then just use regular egg. Do not forget to stir the ingredients thoroughly prior to adding them to the batter. You can either do this by hand or with an electronic beaters, it does not matter since both produce a highly similar end product.

The last step is to pour the wet mixture into the pans and wait for it to set. Once the batter is ready, you can now pour it over the Graham cracker crust that you have prepared. Place the brownie on top and pop the top into the oven at 300 degrees until the bottom turns golden brown. You may want to put a piece of wax paper on the sides of the brownie to ensure that the steam doesn’t boil the sides of the pie.

After the brownies are done, you can now enjoy your favorite dessert. Again, the secret here is consistency. You can add the different ingredients to the batter until it forms a smooth and creamy texture. By simply using these simple ingredients along with some unsweetened real cream, you can create your own easy and delicious brownies.

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