The Vietnam Style Baked Chicken Recipe - The Vietnam Style Baked Chicken Recipe -

The Vietnam Style Baked Chicken Recipe

Here we have a Vietnam style baked chicken dish. In case it’s a weekend, and you want to eat something light and delicious, then you must try this dish. It’s a very simple dish, and you make it in a few minutes. For this dish, you don’t need to spend the whole day in your kitchen. This dish is baked, and it will make your get-together special. You can enjoy this dish with your friends and family. Making this dish is not a hard task, but you need to follow the method to make this delicious recipe at home.

The Vietnam Style Baked Chicken Recipe
The Vietnam Style Baked Chicken Recipe

Vietnam Style Baked Chicken

This is an easy, weeknight dinner recipe for you. In this dish, you simply need chicken thighs, or you can also take chicken breast if you want. And after that, just follow this recipe. And you will get your perfectly baked juicy chicken for your weeknight. You will get some lime, ginger, and Vietnamese flavors in this dish. Many people have tried to make this dish, and they all loved it very much.

This is not a very time-consuming dish to make. It will only take 20 min of preparation time and max to max 1 ½ hours of total time to complete this dish.

Ingredients Required For Baked Chicken Recipe

First, you need around 900 grams of chicken to serve four people.

Then you need ¼ cup of soy sauce. (Around 60 ml)

¼ cup of Asian fish sauce.

Fifty-five grams or ¼ cup of palm, or you can also take dark brown sugar.

One tablespoon minced peeled ginger.

Two tablespoons of chili garlic paste about 10 grams.

Fresh juice of lime about 1 ½ tablespoon.

One tablespoon of lime zest.

Three cloves garlic.

Two packed tablespoons of cilantro leaves and tender stems (fine chopped).

About 30 ml of neutral oil.

And for garnishing, you can use sliced lime and cilantro leaves.

Directions to Make This Vietnam Style Dish

The Vietnam Style Baked Chicken Recipe
The Vietnam Style Baked Chicken Recipe

First, you need to place your chicken breast or thighs in a large zipper bag.

Then take a medium bowl to whisk all the ingredients.

Now put soy sauce, sugar, ginger, chili-ginger paste, and whisk together.

After that, pour your mixture in the zipper bag with the chicken and seal it again.

Let chicken marinate for a few hours so that the chicken will coat well.

After this now you have to preheat your oven to 425 degrees.

Now remove the chicken out from the zipper bag and allow to drip off the extra marinade.

After a few minutes, put it into the oven and bake it for 30 minutes.

And make sure not to burn it, so rotate it frequently.

Your baked chicken is ready, and you have to shift it onto a platter and wait for few minutes.

After that, garnish your baked chicken with some lime slice and cilantro leaves.

Your baked chicken dish is ready to serve.

This is a Vietnamese style baked dish that you can enjoy with your friends and family anytime. And it will only take 30 minutes to serve.

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